A year on….

A year on….. I can’t believe it is a year since Rob and I took over the running of the shop from Phil, Olivia and the team and what a year it has been! With COVID restrictions hitting us from time to time along the way it has been a bit of a rollercoaster; not knowing anything else for us of course this is normal! Life in Coverack was very quiet during this last lockdown and we were the only shop open but we have had a lot of support from local residents which has made a huge difference for us and it has been great to be here for them when they have not wanted to travel further to do their shopping.

Rob and I are loving being based in Cornwall now and my daily commute by foot across the fields, by bike or by car if it’s raining is a real joy with the wonderful view of Coverack opening out as I drop down the hill; I have to keep pinching myself that it is real!

As I write this we have just started step 3 of the relaxing of the COVID rules so that pubs, bars and cafes can open indoors again but we won’t be doing this for a while yet. The cafe space is very small and with people sitting in it the shop would get crowded very quickly so we will continue to be a shop and takeaway with 3 customers in the shop at a time. We know that many of the local residents and visitors are desperate to sit in the cafe and enjoy the coffee and the view but we don’t want to put anyone at risk. When we feel it is safe we will open the cafe again, in the meantime thank you for your support and understanding.

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