Will we be making any changes?

It is lovely to be able to tell our friends in Coverack the that Rob and I are taking over the Village Shop from Phil and Olivia. We have been talking to them about the idea since we 1st saw their note in December but Covid has delayed finalising the details until now.

In talking to you I realise that you have lots of questions for me to answer but the most common one is, ‘are you going to make any changes?’ Phil and Olivia have done a fantastic job in creating the much loved village shop and we are not intending to make any major changes.

Covid has meant that the way the shop works has had to change, the café is closed and we are offering a home delivery service for anyone in the village who wants it. 

We will continue with home deliveries for as long as our customers want them so please continue to phone in your orders. The café won’t reopen that until we feel it is the right thing to do for our customers and staff.

However we are going to be open for longer, all day Wednesday and Sundays too so if you would like a Sunday paper please come in and place an order. 

For July and August we will be open later too closing at 7pm Monday – Friday.

We are also recruiting some new team members who will be happy to serve you when you next pop in.

Take care and stay safe, we look forward to welcoming you

Henri and Rob

One thought on “Will we be making any changes?

  1. Hello Henri
    We are coming down again on 17th April to the Headland apartment where we were in Sept. Please could you get us a Mail on Sunday both weekends 18th/24th, and if we can pick up a couple of pints of fresh skimmed milk at the same time please.

    Many thanks
    Trish Wall


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